Third transnational meeting for the partners of the Agile4CIRC project!

The third transnational project meeting of the Agile4CIRC project took place on the 20th of April 2021. Although initially planned to take place face-to-face in Valencia, due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the partners had to adapt to an online context and host the meeting through an online platform.

The overall atmosphere of the meeting was very pleasant, and all partners were happy with the progress of the project so far and the outcome of the meeting. The partners had the opportunity to exchange valuable experiences from their national pilots that were generally met with great success. The partnership’s top priority now are the preparations for the LTTA event which continue smoothly. During the meeting, the consortium had the opportunity to discuss important organisational issues and brainstorm to decide on an inspirational LTTA programme and select the most influential speakers with experience in the circular economy and agile management.

The partners also had the opportunity to discuss on the next steps of the project development in line with the project proposal. They had the opportunity to discuss with experts regarding the development of a web progressive app that will contribute towards the incubation of the most innovative business ideas that will be generated in the framework of the project. This app, being part of the project’s legacy, will also contribute towards the creation of a strong network of aspiring entrepreneurs in the circular economy, mentors and project partners.  Given the importance of the circular economy and agile management for the European and global economy, all partners look forward to the LTTA event, a truly international and unique experience organized for a limited number of participants who managed to stand out during the stage of the national pilots.

If you are also keen on the circular economy and fresh business ideas, feel free to follow us to keep up with the exciting project activities coming up in the next weeks!

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